Who Will Be Inside the Social Security Hearing Room?

By January 7, 2014 English Blogs

Who Will Be Inside the Social Security Hearing Room?

Lawrence disability attorney The Social Security Disability Hearing is an informal event designed to put you at ease. But if you have any concerns or questions about the hearing, you should consult with an experienced Lawrence disability attorney for obtain more information.

Your Lawrence Disability Attorney Will Tell Where People Will Be Situated Inside the Hearing Room

You and your Lawrence disability attorney will sit alongside at the conference table. A vocational witness or a doctor who might be called by the judge to testify will also be seated at the conference table.

The judge’s assistant will be seated either at the conference table or a small table adjacent to the conference table. The assistant is responsible for using a computer to create a CD-ROM that contains the recording of the hearing.

Witnesses at the Hearing

You may bring witnesses as well as observers into the hearing room. As your Lawrence disability attorney will remind you, the hearing is private. No one outside of the judge, his staff and witnesses called by the judge can be present without your permission.

Your Lawrence Disability Lawyer Will Explain That the Social Security Disability Hearings Are Informal

Unlike court hearings, Social Security disability hearings are informal. They were specifically designed to be a relaxed experience. Both the SSA and your Lawrence disability lawyer know that you will be an effective witness if you are not inhibited by fear or stress.

However, there are some formal procedures that must be observed:

  • You and every witness will testify under oath.
  • Only one individual a time may testify. This means that you are not allowed to ask anyone else in the room to help you answer questions, and your witnesses or friends cannot interrupt your testimony to help you answer.

Lawrence disability attorney Gerard A. Palma can help you properly file for SSD benefits and prepare you for the SSD hearing. For a free initial consultation, please call his law offices today at 888-295-4955.

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