Common Disability Mistakes

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While it is possible for an individual to obtain disability benefits without the assistance of a Lowell disability attorney, the problem is that often little mistakes can cause irreparable harm to a disability case. Commonly made mistakes can be avoided by having an experienced lawyer guiding and advising you through your disability process.

Failing to obtain or continue medical treatment

One mistake sometimes made is when a claimant (a.k.a. person seeking disability benefits), especially one with chronic problems, fails to obtain and continue with medical treatment. Claimants may feel as though they are finding little help or relief from the doctors, so they stop going to them.

Not only should someone with a chronic condition be under the care of a doctor, but also feedback from your doctor(s) regarding your condition, symptoms, and your limitations is critical to the success of your disability claim.

Letters from doctors

Sometimes the question arises, whether you should ask your doctor to write a letter to the Social Security Administration (SSA). This is a situation where you really should seek the advice of your Lowell disability attorney. The SSA will contact your doctor to obtain medical reports and statements from your doctor, so you do not need to do this. A good course of action is to have your lawyer your doctor, so ensure that your doctor understands what information the SSA is seeking, and what information would be useful to your case.

Mistakes in procedures

Other common mistakes made by claimants involve failing to take advantage of important procedural elements that are available to the claimant throughout the administrative disability process. For instance, claimants often fail to make a timely request for a hearing after their claims are denied on reconsideration. Also, claimants frequently fail to appeal denied (or unsatisfactory) decisions after an administrative hearing. An experienced Lowell disability attorney can advise you how and when to take advantage of these important processes in your disability case.

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