When to Call An attorneyWhen To Call An Attorney

It is likely that you won’t have to call your Lowell Social Security attorney before he or she tells you when and where your hearing will take place. However, you legal representative may need to assess the situation if you encounter any of the following:

  • You are contacted by personnel from the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • A letter from the SSA arrives, but you do not understand it
  • A Notice of Hearing arrives, but you didn’t get a message from your lawyer first notifying you of the hearing’s date and time
  • A form arrives from the judge that needs to be filled out by your physician
  • Your condition changes substantially – be those changes good or bad
  • A new diagnosis is given to you by your physician
  • You go to the hospital for any reason
  • You return to work
  • You are considering returning to work (either full for part time)
  • Your address and / or telephone number is updated


Do I need to call my Lowell disability lawyer after each physician visit?

You don’t have to call your Lowell Social Security attorney if the medical care you received could be considered routine. However, it is important to note the dates of all appointments that precede your hearing.

Also, bear in mind that, at the same time you get your “hearing date” letter from your attorneys, they will also send you a form asking you to detail the medical care rendered on your behalf since you first met with them.

It is crucial to give any attorney you meet with the full list of names and addresses for your healthcare providers. If you want to get a head start, your lawyer would likely appreciate you collecting business cards for doctors, therapists, and other practitioners. This may be very valuable when your attorney needs your current medical status.

When else can I call my Lowell Social Security attorney?

Do not hesitate to call your Lowell Social Security attorney if you have other questions regarding your case during the course of the proceedings. Gerard Palma can assist you at every stage of your case. Call today!

If you would like help from a dedicated and compassionate Lowell Social Security disability lawyer, call or email us, or fill out the form on this page. We will respond promptly.

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