RFC Questions

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RFC Questions

As you go through the process of applying for benefits, you and your Lowell Social Security disability lawyer will discuss many aspects that are involved in this process. One topic that is likely to be raised is your RFC.Lowell Social Security disability lawyer

What is an RFC?

Your Lowell Social Security disability lawyer can explain that your Residual Functional Capacity indicates the level and type of work that you are physically capable of completing.

Questions About Lifting and Carrying

Your Lowell Social Security disability attorney can explain that you may have to answer a variety of questions regarding lifting and carrying. A few examples of these questions include:

  • Do you experience problems when you try to lift or carry objects?
  • What items are you no longer capable of lifting?
  • What is the heaviest item that you carry on a routine basis?
  • How much weight can you lift or carry?
  • How do you lift or carry objects?
  • How are you affected when you attempt to lift or carry objects?

Postural Limitations

You may also have to answer whether you have any difficulty with twisting, bending, kneeling, crouching, climbing or crawling.

Other Questions

You may also be asked about your ability to manipulate your body in other ways, such as pushing, pulling, reaching or feeling objects. Another common question is whether you complete repetitive hand activities for most of a work day.

If you would like more information about questions you might encounter regarding your RFC, contact Lowell Social Security disability lawyer, Gerard A. Palma, at 888-295-4955.

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