Questions about Social Security Hearing Dates, Decisions and Payments

By December 11, 2013 English Blogs

Questions about Social Security Hearing Dates, Decisions and Payments

Clients are usually concerned about what will occur at the disability hearing, and their chances of success. A Lawrence disability lawyer can answer a client’s questions regarding the Social Security disability hearing, decision and payments.

A Lawrence Disability Attorney Will Give Information Regarding Hearings, Decisions and Payouts

Lawrence Disability Lawyer There is no ironclad schedule for a disability hearing and decision. Across the nation, the average amount of time it takes from the time the hearing is requested to decision is 15.5 months. After the hearing is concluded, the judge might issue a bench decision. If not, it generally takes between two and three months for the decision to be given. Your Lawrence disability lawyer will tell you that if you are to receive benefits, it could take one to two months for you to begin receiving regular payments and one to six months to get back payments.

Notification of the Date of Hearing

Your Lawrence disability lawyer will likely inform you of the date of your hearing. The judge’s office will let your lawyer know of the date and ensure that the attorney’s calendar is clear. You will then receive a letter from your lawyer. The judge will also send you a Notice of Hearing. If you receive the letter prior to hearing from your attorney, contact your attorney as soon as possible.

Speak to an Experienced Lawrence Disability Attorney

If you have questions about the date of your hearing and the amount of time it takes to receive your payments, a Lawrence disability lawyer can help. Call Gerard A. Palma at 888-295-4955 to discuss your case today.

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