Lowell social security disability attorneyHow to Prepare an Educational and Employment History for a Social Security Disability Case

A Lowell social security disability attorney may advise a claimant to prepare an educational history for the judge in a social security disability case. A claimant’s educational history should include any on-the-job training, formal vocational training, military training and highest level completed in school.

Employment History

In addition, a Lowell social security disability attorney may help a claimant to prepare an employment history. A claimant’s work history is of particular importance because it can help the judge to determine the level of the claimant’s disability.

The employment history should include a 15-year work history listing all jobs held by the claimant during that time. For each significant job, the claimant should provide a description of the duties performed, including time spent standing, sitting or walking. It is important to note whether any jobs required lifting and how much weight the claimant was required to lift. The judge may be especially interested in the reasons a claimant left each job, particularly the last job, and whether the claimant’s health caused any difficulties with job performance.

According to a Lowell social security disability lawyer, the judge will also want information regarding the claimant’s employment skills. If the claimant has performed semi-skilled or skilled work, the judge will want a detailed description of the claimant’s skills. It is important to distinguish between a social security disability hearing and a job interview. The judge will want accurate information to make an informed decision instead of the kind of embellishment a person may add to a resume.

One way to estimate the amount of skill required to perform a particular kind of work is to determine how long it takes to train a person for that position. In addition to a job description for each position held in the past 15 years, it is a good idea to include an estimate for how long a person would need to be trained to perform each job.

A lawyer may answer questions and help a claimant prepare an educational and employment history for a social security disability case. Gerard A. Palma is a Lowell social security disability attorney and can be reached at 888-295-4955.


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