Lowell social security disability attorney (2)You can depend on a Lowell social security disability attorney to stand by your side and defend your rights throughout the entire trial process

Questioning Witnesses after Your Testimony

As soon as your testimony wraps up, your Lowell Social Security disability attorney will move to question witnesses you brought with you. Witnesses are essential in any case, and you’ll need to bring at least one witness to trial. Make sure to select an individual who will be able to corroborate your statements, tell the judge about the facts of your disabilities and how you are limited by them, and provide another view of your medical issues.

Don’t Make Statements after the Hearing

If the judge offers you a chance to make additional statements following the hearing, you should respectfully decline. If there’s more arguments to be made, your Lowell social security disability lawyer will take care of it. And, in most cases, your lawyer will be allowed to make a verbal closing statement or turn in a written version at the end of the hearing.

Bench Decisions

There’s a small chance that the judge in your case will issue a decision immediately after the hearing, otherwise known as a “bench decision.” If this happens in your case, the judge will still send you a brief written decision in the mail. Your lawyer will also receive a copy. A written decision for a bench decision will arrive only a few days after the hearing. If the judge issues a regular decision, you may have to wait for a while to receive it.

If you are looking for a qualified Lowell Social Security disability attorney to handle your SSD case, please contact the law offices of Gerard A. Palma at 1-888-295-4955. The initial consultation is free.


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