Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer Discusses Mental Illness and Low Stress Employment

Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer Discusses Mental Illness and Low Stress Employment

Massachusetts Social Security LawyerYour Massachusetts Social Security lawyer at Palma Law Offices understands that the Social Security Administration takes a general view of individuals who are physically able to work. Individuals who suffer from mental illness often have a difficult time getting approved for disability benefits when they are in good physical condition, as the SSA is reluctant to qualify an applicant based on mental illness without significant medical documentation. Many times applicants with mental illness are under 50 years of age. For these claimants, the basic assumption by SSA is that an individual with a mild mental disorder can still perform low-stress or sedentary work. However, your lawyers in Lowell MA understand that some mental illnesses will impede any ability to work when certain job duties are problematic, including inability to concentrate even on menial job responsibilities.

Low Stress Employment

The amount of stress associated with some forms of employment may be easy situations for individuals in good mental health, but even working in a factory setting can be difficult for someone with a mental illness. Anxiety is an prime example. Anxiety can be difficult to prove in minor cases, and the SSA commonly denies these claims until the applicant has actually attempted working in multiple positions before the disability becomes obvious. Even retraining an individual for a low-stress position can be futile when the disorder also inhibits the ability to learn. Mental illness sufferers also commonly have difficulty with standing in one spot or position or working at an acceptable rate of speed. In addition, your Massachusetts Social Security lawyer from the Palma Law Offices knows that even positions basically requiring cognitive skills from the worker can still be trouble for the applicant who is otherwise qualified with the exception of distractions associated with their mental disorder. Many highly qualified professional workers can develop disabilities that affect their ability to make quick and effective decisions while they are still traditionally employed.

Problems in Low-Stress Working Situations

There are multiple issues concerning low stress work that many mentally handicapped people find difficult. One of the most common in factory settings is monotony of the routine and the fact that the work is not very meaningful. People with mental disorders commonly have trouble maintaining concentration, even in short repetitive time sequences, and experience problems with keeping up the pace with co-workers. This can also create a situation of a lack of collaboration in the workplace, and it is a known fact that the ability to work with others is one of the most important job skills for anyone. Many claimants actually claim they have a disdain for even being under direct supervision, resulting in combative actions and attitudes toward their supervisors. When the mental condition is severe enough to trigger a reaction by the applicant in multiple situations, your lawyers in Lowell MA can use the evidence to craft a successful disability case. The mental illness essentially transforms a seemingly low-stress job into a high-stress situation for the claimant.

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