Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer Explains How Disability Claims for Back Pain are Evaluated

Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer Explains How Disability Claims for Back Pain are Evaluated

gavel stethoscope Massachusetts Social Security LawyerEven though many claimants filing for disability benefits suffer from chronic back pain, it’s difficult to get your claim approved without assistance from a Massachusetts Social Security lawyer. You must prove that the medical condition prevents you from working for at least one year. The Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates objective medical evidence, functional limitations, and your credibility to determine if you qualify for disability benefits.

Objective Medical Evidence

It’s necessary for a Massachusetts Social Security lawyer to present objective medical evidence to the SSA regarding your condition. Physical examinations, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and nerve conduction tests can help doctors diagnosis your injuries. The medical condition and its cause should be clearly identified in the medical records. It’s also beneficial for the doctors to write detailed notes that state how your injury has lead to back pain and any other complex physical or mental issues that inhibit your ability to perform tasks related to your daily routine.

Symptoms and Limitations of Back Pain

The functional limitations and amount of pain associated with a back injury tends to be subjective and differs for each person. Chronic pain, reduced motor skills, muscle weakness, and being unable to sit, stand, or walk for an extended period of time are the types of impairments that could negatively affect your ability to work. The treating physician should include the symptoms and limitations you experience in your medical records. When the SSA reviews the documents, the information will give them a better understanding of your condition. The SSA evaluates the evidence to figure out if your impairment prevents you from working at sedentary or manual labor jobs that you would be able to have based on your qualifications.

Establishing Your Credibility

Showing that you have credibility is an essential part of getting approved for disability benefits. The SSA wants to make sure that the information in the medical records and the statements you make are consistent. If there are major discrepancies or if it appears that you are exaggerating the severity of your pain, the SSA could reject your claim. Use a diary or journal to keep track of your doctor’s appointments. Document how your body reacts to the treatment and medical prescriptions you receive. Write about your symptoms. State where the pain is located, how intense the pain is, and how long it lasts. List any factors that make the symptoms worse. Closely follow the doctor’s treatment plan. Continue to see the doctor on a consistent basis. If you only visit the doctor sporadically or fail to follow the doctor’s instructions, it could give the impression that your condition isn’t severe enough to qualify as a disability. It may also appear that you aren’t doing everything you can to heal and alleviate the pain you are experiencing. Every disability claim is different. Get advice from your Massachusetts Social Security lawyer regarding the best way to strengthen your case. Your lawyer can help you to avoid any mishaps and common errors that could lead to unnecessary delays or issues with the application or appellate process.

Contact a Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer

If you are unable to work due to a back injury, you may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits. Schedule a consultation with Palma Law Offices, PC by calling (888) 295-4955 and an experienced Massachusetts Social Security lawyer will evaluate your case.

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