A Lawrence Disability Lawyer Discusses The Hearing

By December 25, 2015 English Blogs

A Lawrence Disability Lawyer Discusses The Hearing

If your Social Security disability case reaches the hearing stage, there are things you should know. Your Lawrence disability attorney can provide you with valuable information concerning what to expect

Role of the Attorney Advisor

Lawrence Disability Lawyer

In between the time when you request a hearing and that hearing occurs, your case may be examined by an attorney adviser. This person will confer with your Lawrence disability lawyer (normally via telephone), examine the file, ask for more evidence and write the decision for the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge). A hearing will not be needed if the attorney advisor’s decision is positive. Should a hearing still be desired, however, it must be requested within 30 days subsequent to the date the attorney advisor issued the decision. Any review of an attorney adviser’s decision is made by the Appeals Council rather than an ALJ.

Your Appearance at the Hearing

You have the option of attending your hearing personally or having it conducted via video teleconferencing. Should you prefer the former, your Lawrence disability lawyer can advise you that the Administrative Law Judge must set a time and date that permits you to be physically present.

The Hearing Itself

Disability hearings are not confrontational situations. There may be statements from medical specialists or vocational experts and they also have the option of attending either in person or via teleconference. A recording of the hearing is made and all who testify are either sworn in or their testimony is given by affirmation. Evidence that may be presented at a hearing is not subject to the rules of evidence that apply in court.  Once the hearing is concluded the ALJ will render the decision in writing.

Don’t Face This Alone

Be sure to seek sound advice if you are facing this situation. Contact Gerard A. Palma, your Lawrence disability lawyer, by calling 888-295-4955 today.

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