A Lawrence Disability Lawyer Defines “Medically Determinable”

By December 18, 2015 English Blogs

A Lawrence Disability Lawyer Defines “Medically Determinable”

The term “medically determinable impairment” is frequently used in Social Security disability cases. A Lawrence disability attorney provides some information that may be helpful.

The Social Security Administration’s Viewpoint

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When deciding whether or not an impairment is medically determinable, SSA looks at the matter in a straightforward manner. In the majority of cases, if the impairment can be properly diagnosed by a physician using tests that confirm the patient’s symptoms, then it will normally be found medically determinable. For a diagnosis of fibromyalgia to qualify under SSA guidelines, for instance, the diagnosis must rest on the number of tender points.

The Patient’s Account

Your Lawrence disability attorney can describe situations in which the symptoms outlined by the patient can serve as determining factors. Migraine headaches, if the symptoms are not explained by other causes, can be ruled medically determinable using the patient’s specific enumeration of them.

The Role of the Doctor

SSA considers the determination of disability to be a legal rather than a medical decision. Your Lawrence disability attorney can confirm that the physician is not expected to attempt to offer an opinion in that regard. Since the SSA reserves the determination of disability to itself, it is unlikely to consider such an opinion offered by a physician. The most pertinent information that the doctor can provide to the Social Security Administration is an evaluation of what the patient’s capabilities are.

For Assistance with Your Disability Claim

Disability claims can be confusing. In order to fully understand the specifics of the term “medically determinable impairment,” seek the services of an experienced Lawrence disability attorney. Call Gerard A. Palma at 888-295-4955 today.

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