Lowell Disability Attorneys Discusses Inflammatory Bowel Disease

gavel stethoscope Lowell Disability AttorneysLowell Disability Attorneys Discusses Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome, Lowell disability attorneys may be able to help you prepare for your Social Security disability hearing. Although these conditions are among the most common digestive ailments in disability claims, they present unique challenges to successful disability appeals. With bowel disease, it is often the symptoms, rather than the disease itself, that interfere with employment. Bowel disease can be extremely debilitating and often results in time away from work due to various digestive and intestinal symptoms that force patients to spend extended time in or near a bathroom. These symptoms can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable, leading many sufferers to avoid disclosing or documenting the symptoms of their condition. However, the Social Security Administration relies heavily on medical documentation of an inability to work. This legal standard can make it difficult to show that your specific condition prevents you from working. Lowell disability attorneys can help you understand the relevant rules and can prepare you for your disability hearing. Your lawyer will ask you questions about your physical health and will most likely ask you to gather documentation of your diagnosis and symptoms. You may also be asked, for instance, to calculate the number of days you were unable to work in the past year due to your medical condition. You may expedite some of these requests by preparing a list of your symptoms and a detailed employment history. Your Lowell disability attorneys can use these documents to ask you additional questions and prepare you for your hearing testimony. It can be difficult to navigate a Social Security disability appeal on your own. However, a lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and prepare you adequately for your upcoming hearing.

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