Chronic Pain Explained By A Lawrence Social Security Disability Attorney

Lawrence Social Security Disability Attorney One common reason many Social Security disability claimants say they are unable to work is chronic pain. However, a Lawrence Social Security disability attorney will tell you that chronic pain is not really an impairment as much as it is a symptom of an underlying impairment, which means it is not sufficient to win a disability case.

The other unfortunate reality of chronic pain is that it usually cannot be measured by medical tests or instruments; the only thing that doctors have as a resource is the patient’s description of the pain. For this reason, an experienced disability attorney will tell you that your claims need to be credible in order for the Social Security Administration to believe them.

Questions to Ask About Your Situation

There are two questions relevant to disability when it comes to chronic pain:

1) Can you and your Lawrence Social Security disability attorney provide objective evidence for a “medically determinable impairment” that could be reasonably expected to cause your pain?
2) How severely does your pain prevent you from engaging in even basic work activities?

It is very important that your statements about your pain levels are consistent with the medical evidence and reports you provide. Your own statements about your pain are simply not sufficient to prove that you are sufficiently impaired. You and your attorney must provide objective medical evidence, such as laboratory findings or clinical techniques, that you have a physical or psychological impairment that is likely to be causing your pain.

Learn More From a Lawyer

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