Lawrence disability attorneyIf you suffer from arthritis or joint dysfunction, your Lawrence disability attorney may try to build your case by showing that your impairment prevents you from being able to ambulate effectively. By proving this, your Lawrence disability attorney can have your disability evaluated under the musculoskeletal listings.


Your Lawrence Social Security disability attorney can explain that the lack of an ability to ambulate effectively is defined by the Social Security Administration as an extreme limitation on your ability to walk. This impairment must be one that interferes in a serious manner with your walking ability and ability to complete certain activities. This does not require you to be completely incapable of walking. Instead, your Lawrence Social Security disability attorney can explain that this means that you do not have sufficient functioning of your legs that allow you to walk without using a device to assist you.

Effective Ambulation

In contrast, effective ambulation consists of being able to sustain a reasonable walking pace over a specific distance that is correlated with your ability to complete daily living activities and to be able to travel without needing the assistance of a companion to school or work.


A few examples of ineffective ambulation include not being able to walk without a walker, two crutches or two canes, not being able to carry out basic activities, such as shopping or banking, not being able to use public transport and not being able to climb a few stairs without using a hand rail.

Talk to a Lawrence Social Security Disability Attorney

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