Age and Social Security Disability

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Age and Social Security Disability

Lawrence Social Security disability attorney

The most basic requirement for receiving SSD is that your impairment is severe enough that you are not able to work for at least 12 months. However, being unable to work is not, in itself, enough for you to qualify for benefits. Your age factors in as well. If your claim is denied initially, you may consider speaking with a Lawrence Social Security disability attorney about filing an appeal.

Age as a Factor

The basic rule of thumb is, the older you are, the better your chances for being deemed eligible for SSD. The following is a breakdown of how age factors into the equation:

  • Age 60 or older: Provided you truly cannot work and your impairment meets the five points outlined by SSA, you have a good chance of being found eligible.
  • Age 55: Most applicants age 55 will be eligible.
  • Age 50: You have a fair chance of receiving SSD benefits if you cannot work at any job you have held in the past 15 years, or any job that exists in sufficient numbers.
  • Age 45: At this age, eligibility is possible, especially if the claimant cannot read English.
  • Below age 45: It will be more difficult to get benefits if you are younger than age 45. If you are truly disabled, however, a Lawrence Social Security disability attorney may be able to assist with an appeal.

If you are concerned that age may be an issue, keep in mind that you lose nothing by applying. It may be worth your while, furthermore, to appeal each time you are denied at least until your case is heard before an administrative law judge.

For More Information

If you need information or assistance with an SSD claim, Lawrence Social Security disability attorney Gerard A. Palma will be happy to speak with you. Call today at (888) 295-4955.

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