A Disability Attorney in Lowell Explains Past Relevant Work

disability attorney in lowell balance gavelA Disability Attorney In Lowell Explains Past Relevant Work

Whether or not you are still able to do past relevant work is one of the central criteria that determines your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. In the paragraphs below, an experienced disability attorney in Lowell explains what this entails.

Past Relevant Work Defined

There are specific requirements that a job must meet in order to be considered “past relevant work” under the SSA’s guidelines. A position that meets this criteria is one in which you:

• Have worked within the previous fifteen years. If you were receiving Social Security disability and your status has expired, past relevant work is work you did within the fifteen years before your last date of Social Security disability status.

• Have worked for a sufficiently long period of time to learn the skills necessary to perform the work correctly.

• Were paid sufficient wages such that the job was “substantial gainful activity.” A position can be considered substantial gainful activity regardless of whether it is full-time or part-time if the wages meet the requirements.

What This Means To You

The task facing you and your lawyer is to establish that you are no longer able to complete the tasks required by the least demanding position you held during the last fifteen years according to the criteria shown above. Whether or not the position is still open, similar work is available in the job market or that type of work can be found at all is not the issue. You have to show that your impairment makes it impossible for you to accomplish the minimum requirements of the job, or the probability is that you will not be declared disabled.

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