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  • Lowell Social Security Disability AttorneysVA and SSA: Lowell Social Security Disability Attorneys Outline What Veterans Need To Know

    There are considerable differences between the way the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration handle claims of disability. Since disabled veterans are eligible for both, Lowell Social Security disability attorneys can offer useful advice.

    Percentage Of Disability

    One major difference between the Social Security Administration and the VA is that the SSA does not recognize a percentage of disability. In other words, you cannot be 10%, 40% or 99% disabled under SSA disability rules. You are either disabled or you aren’t. The VA does recognize these percentages and assigns benefits accordingly.

    You Must Be Proactive

    If you are a disabled veteran pursuing a Social Security disability claim, it is best that you obtain your medical records yourself rather than depending on the Veterans Administration to release them to the SSA, since the VA does not always do this readily. You should also submit duplicates of your medical records, rather than the originals, to the SSA. It is not unheard of for records to be mislaid, misfiled or lost, so keep your originals secure.

    Counsel from Lowell Social Security Disability Attorneys

    While you may certainly pursue your claim on your own, legal counsel will be important to you if your initial claim is refused. You have the right to appeal your case to an administrative law judge, and an attorney experienced in Social Security disability cases will be helpful to you at your hearing. Your attorney will assist you in preparation and will be with you during the procedures.

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    At the Palma Law Offices, P.C., Lowell Social Security disability attorneys are standing by to assist you with your Social Security disability claim. Contact us at (888) 295-4955 for a free consultation today.

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