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  • A Lowell Disability Attorney Explains How the Social Security Administration Evaluates Your Symptoms

    Lowell Disability AttorneyOne of the questions frequently asked of a Lowell disability attorney at the Palma Law Offices, PC, is about how the Social Security Administration assesses symptoms people report in their applications for Social Security disability or supplemental security income. Your Lowell Social Security disability attorneys will explain how the Social Security Administration uses your medical evidence to try to determine how your symptoms affect your ability to work and your functional capacity.

    How the Social Security Administration Evaluates Your Medical Evidence

    Your Lowell Social Security disability attorneys will work with you to gather the medical evidence you will need to support your application. Once that evidence is submitted to the Social Security Administration, the agency will begin its evaluation process. The observations your medical professionals and others have made about how your symptoms affect you are highly important since symptoms are difficult to measure and are more readily observed. The Social Security Administration will look for information about the onset of your symptoms, their nature, things that aggravate or cause them, their progression over time and how often they occur. The agency will also look for information about any treatment and medications you have received for your symptoms and how well they worked. The agency will also try to decide if something else, such as a mental health issue, could instead account for your symptoms.

    History of Treatment

    One thing your Social Security disability attorney will stress to you is the importance of you continuing to attend all treatment appointments with your doctor and other medical professionals. Being able to demonstrate that you have sought treatment for your symptoms over time can help you increase the likelihood that your claim will ultimately be successful. In addition to attending appointments, it is equally important for you to follow all of the treatment recommendations that you are given. You may be deemed to be less credible if your claims do not match a provided treatment history.

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