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  • Individuals Who Will Be Present at Your SSD Hearing

    Your Lawrence Social Security disability lawyer understands that some claimants are uncomfortable about the prospect of having many people in the room during their hearing. It may reassure you to know that your hearing will be private, and that only those individuals necessary to the proceedings must be present.

    Who You Can Expect to Be in the Room

    It is useful to consider from the outset that an SSD hearing is not a trial. Should you have a problem with observers being present, you have a right to deny their admittance. The Administrative Law Judge also has the right to exclude observers.

    Your Lawrence Social Security disability lawyer will explain who must be present at the hearing, but generally only the ALJ, the judge’s assistance, the claimant, his/her attorney, and witnesses will be in the courtroom. ALJs differ on how they include witnesses. Some allow the witnesses to be present for the entire proceeding; others ask them to wait outside after opening statements until it is time for their testimony. The logic behind the latter is that a witness who has not heard other testimony is more believable, for his recollection has not been influenced by that of others.

    If you do not wish for a particular witness to be present for the entire proceeding, the ALJ will not have a problem with obliging. Indeed, the ALJ may not even want you to be present for witness testimony, especially if you have suffered a mental impairment.

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    If you have been denied on an SSD claim, don’t give up. A Lawrence Social Security disability lawyer may be able to help win your case on appeal, especially at the ALJ hearing level and beyond. Call Gerard A. Palma at 888-295-4955 to arrange a consultation.

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