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  • Your Lawrence Social Security Disability Lawyer Details the Hearing

    Many claimants are apprehensive about the hearing process. The Social Security disability hearing process need not be as daunting as you may feel it is, however. Going into your disability hearing with knowledge of what to expect will help you to feel confident and prepared. Below, your Lawrence Social Security disability attorney has outlined some general information about the hearing.

    Your Lawrence Social Security Disability Lawyer on the Hearing Room

    Lawrence Social Security Disability LawyerWhen you enter the hearing room, it will not be a large courtroom like you might see for other legal matters. Rather, it will be a small conference room with a table for you, your attorney, witnesses, and the judge’s assistant. The judge will have his own desk that is slightly higher than the conference table.

    Your Lawrence Social Security Disability Lawyer on Recording Equipment

    It is important to remember that the hearing will be recorded, so you should speak clearly and loud enough for the judge to hear you. You should never answer questions by simply using hand gestures or with phrases like “uh huh” rather than “yes” or “no.”

    Your Lawrence Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Prepare You

    Hopefully, learning a few things about what to expect at your hearing has made you feel more prepared for it. When you sit down and speak with your Lawrence Social Security disability attorney about your case, he will be able to explain to you in more detail how your hearing will proceed. For compassionate, experienced, and dedicated assistance with your disability claim, call Gerard A. Palma at 888-295-4955.

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