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  • A Lawrence Social Security Disability Attorney on How the Process Generally Works

    Lawrence Social Security Disability AttorneyA question a client frequently has for a Lawrence Social Security disability attorney centers around the order of the events during a hearing.

    Often judges will start a hearing for Social Security disability benefits by giving a history of the claim as well as the issues that the hearing will be deciding upon. Commonly, the judge will say what you and your Lawrence Social Security disability lawyer must prove.

    The judge’s explanation is rarely simple regarding what your Lawrence Social Security disability lawyer must prove. The are unlikely to explain what must be proven in simple terms. In general, they will say that you must prove that you cannot perform substantial gainful activity of which there are a significant number of jobs available. This takes into account how old you are and what experience you have.

    The Judge Will Ask Questions

    The judge might begin by asking you questions. Then your Lawrence Social Security disability attorney will be given the opportunity to question you. In other situations, the judge might not ask any questions and leave it to the attorney. It is important to answer the questions thoroughly.

    Disability hearings are not mysterious, and should not cause you undue anxiety; after all, it is not an adversarial situation as, say, a trial would be. That said, you will want to be at your best and follow the advice of your attorney.

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